Ghosts in the Machine

It's a cliché to say that a circuit board looks like a city. Yet they both have an architectural feel to them. If you get down close and squint, with the right kind of eyes, you can almost see the people walking the streets, gazing up at towering heat sinks and power supplies, dodging chips and resistors on their way to work...

The "Ghosts in the Machine" are just folks, dwarfed by the technology that pervades their lives. Engaged in enigmatic activities in an out-of-scale, technological landscape, workers work on industrial-scale electronic components; shoppers, walkers, joggers, business people, mothers and kids, wonder through an out-sized industrial/technological landscape, apparently at ease with the visual non sequitur that is their environment. They become part of the landscape of technology, and technology becomes their landscape.

All these images are inkjet-printed on glossy canvas, and are sized between 20 x 24" to 30 x 40. They are available through
Cannibals Gallery, Portland, OR.


Blessed Are The Air-cooled

Blessing the Chip

Cable Guide 1

Coil Angel


System Adjuster

The Glitch

Atop The Core


In the Corridors of Power


Relay Whisperer


Chapel in The Prayer Generator